In a stunning display of mastery on both the men’s and women’s sides at the 2017 Australian Open Finals, four of the sport’s all-time greats proved that modern tennis is alive and well.

A recent article “Tennis Is Growing Old With Federer, Nadal And The Williams Sisters” in ESPN’s website Five Thirty Eight gives an interesting perspective on the endurance of these top players. What is the common denominator in the seemingly unique styles of each?

When something endures the test of time it becomes a “classic”. So it goes with Oscar Wegner‘s revolutionary Modern Tennis Methodology. From 1968 to the 2000’s that revolution became an evolution in tennis around the world, even in America. It then became considered by some to be “mainstream”, and coaching sought something new. notinventedhere1But many coaches have ended up going back to the conventional in an attempt to be different. Others have tried to “reinvent the wheel”, combining the two. What is lacking is a thorough understanding of both the traditional approach and modern techniques.
Now tennis is being taught with 3 distinctly different styles: old-school (conventional), modern (MTM), and hybrid (combination of conventional and modern). You don’t see the conventional game played in the pros, only at the club level, and as Oscar puts it, “In tennis oil and water don’t mix”. But as the 2017 Australian Open Men’s and Women’s Finals prove, modern tennis is alive and well to this day, just as Oscar has continued to promote it with his slogan “Play Like The Pros”.

Thanks to Oscar Wegner, whose revolutionary contribution to this wonderful sport will never grow old, but like Peter Pan, will remain forever young.